V-O-L-V-O, My Volvo!

There aren't enough superlatives to describe how awesome this is. The Volvo 240 - one of the greatest cars of all time - immortalized in its very own rap video. Love it!

(watch it on Youtube for the full widescreeen version)



I've never been a big fan of SUVs. Its not really because they're big and get bad gas mileage. I've just never understood been a fan of the poseur image most of them attempt to portray. So you have a four-wheel drive Lexus? Congrats. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but its no different than the family station wagon or minivan your parents drove you around in. You swore you'd never be caught dead driving a station wagon, but in some ways what you've got on your hands is worse. Yes, your SUV has much more "Utility" but where is the "Sport"? I guess you could take it off-road but have you ever actually done it? That four-wheel drive you paid a couple extra grand for is proof you're just a sucker for marketing. It makes your wife feel safer and you feel like more of a man driving a minivan with four doors and bigger tires.

Which brings me to this pleasant surprise. It is a rare sight in the middle of Downtown Washington DC, but there it was, completely out of place but a rare treat. A plain old Jeep that under normal circumstances I would completely ignore. But this one stood out because it has actually been used in the way it was intended - making it truly beautiful sight.


Oh Cosmo...

From Cheezburger.com:

Knockaround Sighting

A few days ago I was reading a Sports Illustrated story on Roy Halladay and it mentioned the Phillies new ace is a "non-practicing" Mormon. I remembered hearing that in the past but had forgotten. So I headed over to every Mormon's guilty pleasure and source of self-validation, Famousmormons.net just to be sure. While on the site, I found this ad for Knockaround sunglasses:
If you aren't familiar with Knockaround, it's a San Diego-based company started by an artist and good friend of mine growing up, Adam Moyer. He first told me of his idea four years ago when I was visiting San Diego and since then, things seem to have taken off. This was before the whole trend of "retro" neon sunglasses now popular with the skater crowd and with an ever-expanding line-up, I'm sure Knockaround will continue to stay ahead of the curve. Head over to Knockaround for a look and while you're there, check out some of Adam's art in the blog section.


Reflecting on the 5

Sam Smith at Jalopnik recently shared some memories of the BMW 5-Series. I found his take on the E12 interesting and can't argue with his reasoning as to why he didn't buy one. Perhaps some M racing stripes and some lovely BBS's would have changed his mind. I know I'm biased, but I do find the E12 the most beautiful of the bunch, followed closely by the E39. I'm not sure what to think of the newest 5-Series but I feel that apart from a couple performance models, most average BMWs in the last five or six years have become pretty bland and bloated - sort of the rich man's Toyota.

Met Its Match