Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am

This is a public service announcement for all single ladies in the Washington D.C. Metro Area.

If you frequent Proof or any other fine bar or restaurant in the Gallery Place/Chinatown/Penn Quarter area, be on the lookout for the middle aged male owner of this orange 2005 Mazdaspeed MX-5:

He may have good game and even a little charm, but if you take a closer look at his license plate, probably not:


What does it say? At first, I thought it may have something to do with the fact that he has the GT Package that was an option on the Mazdaspeed MX-5. However, upon closer inspection, it appeared he had a vinyl, instead of cloth roof - so that possibility can be ruled out. Unfortunately, the only thing I can think of is:

Forget Foreplay

It may seem incredulous that anyone would be such a douche. I really hope I'm wrong, but unfortunately, his rear view mirror leaves little doubt:

Yes, you are correct, that is a garter. Klassy! (with a K)

So what's the moral of the story? Ladies, unless you're into the middle-aged hit-it-and-quit-it type or you're completely desperate, steer clear of this hopeless romantic.

One final note: Since I recently purchased a third car, I've been debating which one of the other two I should sell. If other Mazdaspeed MX-5 owners are similar to this guy, I think my decision is easy. I don't want to be associated in anyway with such a douche canoe. At least he has a fast car to make his get away after leaving you alone in bed feeling completely, absolutely, and utterly unsatisfied...



It's not often a car hits 100,000 miles. Yesterday, my 1978 BMW 530i (e12) did. Considering the car's age and the fact that it underwent a restoration 15 years ago, I highly doubt the accuracy of the odometer. Nevertheless, it is cause for recognition.


Ahead of His Time

Charles "Old Hoss" Radbourn is most famous for his 59 wins as a pitcher for the Providence Grays in 1884. But perhaps Mr. Radbourn's most impressive feat may have been in this 1886 Boston Grays team photo (Radbourn is on the far left in the top row):

What's the big deal you ask? Try looking a little closer...

Some believe that Radbourn may be the first recorded person to flip off the camera in a photograph. What makes it even better is that people are still laughing about his tomfoolery nearly 125 years later. And I'm sure the Old Hoss is out there somewhere still laughing his ass off. And for that, I salute him!

So kids, next time you flip the bird in that family photo, remember to pay tribute to the legend and pioneer who started it all.


Is this heaven?

This is too amazing not to post. Turn your speakers up LOUD and enjoy the sound of perfection!


The World of Ratfink

The colorful and crazy Ed "Big Daddy" Roth was a legend of the 1950s hot rod car culture in Southern California. Although his heyday was WAY before my time, I found a copy of his autobiography in an outlet bookstore when I was a kid and was fascinated by his story (not the least of which was his conversion to Mormonism and subsequent move to Utah where his wife still lives). While his cars and artwork aren't to my tastes, his creativity and contribution to car culture is inspiring. I came across his book recently while I was moving and I rediscovered it at a perfect time - as I have begun to consider ways I can pursue my passion.

Roth's family runs a museum in Manti, UT and has an annual Rat Fink Reunion celebrating his life. Definitely something to check out while next time I'm in Utah. For all things Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, visit the official site.

Some images scanned from his book, Confessions of a Ratfink: The Life and Times of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth...

A perfect description of the "Garden" State:


Admit it, you do too

If you're male and a Phillies fan you have a man-crush on Chase Utley. You can try to deny it but you're only fooling yourself.

“Dear Chase, I feel like I can call you ‘Chase’ because you and me are so much alike. I would love to meet you some day. It would be great to have a catch. I know I can’t throw as fast as you, but I think you would be impressed with my speed. I love your hair. You run fast. Did you have a good relationship with your father? Me, neither. These are all things we can talk about and more. I know you have not been getting my letters because I know you would write back if you did. And I hope you write back this time and we get to be good friends. I am sure our relationship would be a real home run.”
- Mac, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


V-O-L-V-O, My Volvo!

There aren't enough superlatives to describe how awesome this is. The Volvo 240 - one of the greatest cars of all time - immortalized in its very own rap video. Love it!

(watch it on Youtube for the full widescreeen version)



I've never been a big fan of SUVs. Its not really because they're big and get bad gas mileage. I've just never understood been a fan of the poseur image most of them attempt to portray. So you have a four-wheel drive Lexus? Congrats. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but its no different than the family station wagon or minivan your parents drove you around in. You swore you'd never be caught dead driving a station wagon, but in some ways what you've got on your hands is worse. Yes, your SUV has much more "Utility" but where is the "Sport"? I guess you could take it off-road but have you ever actually done it? That four-wheel drive you paid a couple extra grand for is proof you're just a sucker for marketing. It makes your wife feel safer and you feel like more of a man driving a minivan with four doors and bigger tires.

Which brings me to this pleasant surprise. It is a rare sight in the middle of Downtown Washington DC, but there it was, completely out of place but a rare treat. A plain old Jeep that under normal circumstances I would completely ignore. But this one stood out because it has actually been used in the way it was intended - making it truly beautiful sight.


Oh Cosmo...

From Cheezburger.com:

Knockaround Sighting

A few days ago I was reading a Sports Illustrated story on Roy Halladay and it mentioned the Phillies new ace is a "non-practicing" Mormon. I remembered hearing that in the past but had forgotten. So I headed over to every Mormon's guilty pleasure and source of self-validation, Famousmormons.net just to be sure. While on the site, I found this ad for Knockaround sunglasses:
If you aren't familiar with Knockaround, it's a San Diego-based company started by an artist and good friend of mine growing up, Adam Moyer. He first told me of his idea four years ago when I was visiting San Diego and since then, things seem to have taken off. This was before the whole trend of "retro" neon sunglasses now popular with the skater crowd and with an ever-expanding line-up, I'm sure Knockaround will continue to stay ahead of the curve. Head over to Knockaround for a look and while you're there, check out some of Adam's art in the blog section.


Reflecting on the 5

Sam Smith at Jalopnik recently shared some memories of the BMW 5-Series. I found his take on the E12 interesting and can't argue with his reasoning as to why he didn't buy one. Perhaps some M racing stripes and some lovely BBS's would have changed his mind. I know I'm biased, but I do find the E12 the most beautiful of the bunch, followed closely by the E39. I'm not sure what to think of the newest 5-Series but I feel that apart from a couple performance models, most average BMWs in the last five or six years have become pretty bland and bloated - sort of the rich man's Toyota.

Met Its Match


Where were you December 31, 1981?

Even though I was only five days old, I enjoyed a #1 Combo at Flame Kabob in Fairfax, Virginia consisting of a boneless chicken and lamb kabob, chickpeas, a salad, and bread, topped off with a Diet Coke. I don't remember that day, but I must have had quite the appetite and some pretty big chompers in order to put it all down.


Hummer: A Fitting End

There was a time when seeing a Hummer H1 on the street was an intriguing novelty and even a rare treat. Then came the H2 - a symbol of excess and waste that defined the last decade. Every athlete, actor, rock star, rapper, and wannabe was rollin' on 24's. The H2 was the reason I stopped watching Cribs for crying out loud! No matter who's house it was, when they'd get to the garage you always knew there would be an H2, an Escalade, and a 300C. But like the stock and real estate markets, Hummer had its reckoning. With Hummer's death recently offical and final, this story posted on Jalopnik.com warmed my heart. Thanks to Artist Jeremy Dean, Hummer is going out in style, albeit without a single ounce of dignity.

Sock Monkey!!!

This is just too BADASS not to post (go to Youtube to see the widescreen version).


Zoom - Zoom

As some of you already know, I recently bought a 2004 Mazdaspeed MX-5 off ebay and flew down to Dallas to drive it home. The impetus of it all was this video I saw posted on Bulgogi Brothers a month ago. I sold my MINI in August of last year and purchased a 1978 BMW 530i but I've missed it ever since. While I love the Bimmer, I missed the lightweight and nimble driving of the MINI and since I still own the Bimmer, I couldn't justify spending as much as it would require to have a MINI too. The video reminded me of the Mazda Miata, another small, simple, lightweight car that is all about the driving. While they are slightly different in the way they go about it (the MINI's mantra is Let's Motor, the Mazda Miata's is Zoom-Zoom), both stand out in today's World of increasingly large and bland cars.

I originally set out to find a basic early model Miata but in doing more research, quickly determined that a '99 or newer would be preferred because they had a good deal more power than the earliest models. In my search, I came across a 2004 Mazdaspeed MX-5 on eBay. I wasn't familiar with the Mazdaspeed version of the Miata, so I did some research and found that it was a high performance special edition (just over 5,000 were produced between 2004-05) complete with a factory turbocharger, an upgraded suspension, and other performance upgrades. The particular car I found was listed at a very low Buy It Now price, but I was hesitant because I'd never bought a car on eBay. However, I did some research on the seller and found out he owned a Spec-Miata racing team and was highly regarded in the Miata enthusiast community. I felt good about it all so I took the plunge. It was a wonderful experience and I will do some future posts about the car itself and my trip to pick it up in Texas.

So far I love my new ride! It is the perfect combination of speed and handling, and like my MINI it begs to be driven. When the designers and engineers at Mazda were developing the Miata, a guiding principle was the Japanese phrase Jinba-Ittai, which roughly translates to "rider and horse as one." To me, that is what a true sports car should be about - the connection between man and machine makes it the perfect car for me. And with its cloth drop-top, it's also the perfect car for some Summer motoring.

From the front page of the owner's manual (and since I'm a sucker for marketing hype):

All children instinctively know it.
A few adults still remember it.
One unique car company refuses to outgrow it.
In grown-up language, it means the exhilaration and
liberation that come from experiencing sheer motion.
But as usual, children put it much better
and simply call it "Go Zoom-Zoom."
We practice it everyday.
It's why we build the cars we do.
Can we re-awaken it in you today?


Welcome to DC Motorwerks!

DC Motoring is now DCMotorwerks.com

Why the change? Well my plans were to expand DC Motoring into a full website. However, the owner of the domain name dcmotoring.com had an exorbitant asking price so I decided to change the name of my blog to DC Motorwerks.

Specifics are TBD, but check back regularly as I plan to expand DC Motorwerks to beyond its current blog format. As always, I welcome any suggestions, submissions, or feedback.


Worthy Obsession: MINI Cooper S on Porsche 944 Phone Dial Wheels

I often come across pictures of great cars on some of the great sites I visit regularly (like Bulgogi Brothers and A Time to Get). So in order to keep an archive of my own, I've decided to post them here whenever I do. The first is this r56 MINI Cooper S on Porshe 944 wheels. It's a perfect look!
Of course, it got me wondering what a MINI would look like on BBS Style 5's (the wheels on my Bimmer). This is the closest I found. They're in white, but it gives you an idea...

Stay Thirsty, My Friends

I love the Dos Equis commercials. I saw one last week that especially made me laugh. Surprisingly, I couldn't find it on Youtube but it included these classics:

"He wouldn't be afraid to show his feminine side, if he had one..."

"His mother has a tattoo that reads, Son."

Another favorite of mine from a different commercial:

"His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man's entire body..."

He is, the Most Interesting Man in the World.

Despite all the criticism you hear, it's good to know corporate America is still providing role models to inspire us.


Off the Bone with the Mazdaspeed MX-5

More images of my epic Texas roadtrip coming soon, but for now, some amazing Texas BBQ at Off the Bone in Dallas.


Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!


I came across this car last week parked on the street near the Verizon Center. Even though I seriously dislike the Redskins, as an Eagles fan, the one thing I can agree with Redskins fans on is their hate of the Dallas Cowboys.


To Be Young, Rich, and Stupid

If there's one thing that hasn't changed about Hollywood over the years, its an over abundance of young, rich, narcissistic tools with too much time and money on their hands. I've been there twice and concluded its the douchebag capital of the World. It's especially frustrating when I see a guy who has an amazing car but he doesn't really appreciate it because he just bought it for the image. Yes, I know! I'm totally jealous. I try not to be a hater but its just so hard.

So you might imagine that when I came across these videos on A Time To Get, I would be outraged by this footage from the 1960s of these young kids driving Ferrari GTOs, acting like total asses. But even though I would roll my eyes in disgust if this happened today, I absolutely loved these videos! Maybe its the cars themselves or the nostalgia. Yes, but it was also a simpler time; back when car culture was a still a significant and more accepted part of life in America. Now that I own an older car, I can honestly say they don't make 'em like they used to. Yes, today's cars are far more safe and reliable but many of the charms that made Americans to fall head over heels in love with the automobile are gone. The driving experience is far to sterile in the vast majority of modern cars.

So enjoy these videos! And when you see an old car for sale you always wanted but never had the chance to own, don't resist the temptation. Buy it. It might give you a few headaches but on a beautiful sunny day or a warm summer night cruising down the road with the windows down, the wind blowing through your hair and the sound of the engine rumbling in your ears, you'll feel more alive than you have in years - And at that moment fall in love with cars all over again.


Get Ready, Get Set...

Icon, Hero, The Greatest

"Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill."

"I know where I'm going and I know the truth, and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want."

"Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even."


They're BAAACK!!!

At this very moment, the Fightin Phils are starting their Spring Training schedule in a World Series rematch against the Yankees. I've been waiting to post this picture for a while. It perfectly captures the emotion of a key victory over the Dodgers on their way to the 2009 National League pennant. And with the addition Roy Halladay and an upgraded lineup and bench, there's no question they've got what it takes to do it again!